Nesting again

Here it is, the middle of January (January 22 to be more precise) so it’s actually closer to the end than I realized.  My “due date” is exactly one month from tomorrow, or based on calendar days, it’s 31 days until my original due date of February 23rd.  They wanted to change it around again, since the baby was measuring big in utero at the last (and only) sonogram. They didn’t, being that it was only 9 days difference, so I am not sure if I should just expect the baby not to come until the 23rd or around there, or come earlier like Finn did.  I suppose later would be better for my mental state??

I’ve definitely been “nesting” trying to get things clean and organized, but i feel as though I am limited by the bulge that is my belly in some of the things i would like to do.  I’ll get there.  My mom is planning on coming up the week of Valentines day, so I know for a fact that she will be a huge help in getting everything cleaned and organized.  I’ve got the “baby bag” packed with SOME stuff.  I do not have a bag packed for myself yet.  That won’t be too hard.  I need to pack a bag for Finn (just in case of early arrival) since we’ll have to take him somewhere for the duration… pending this is before my mom gets here… and maybe even when she gets here because I know she’ll want to be around.  Things I still want to get done?? I STILL want my husband to go get the twin bed and trundle so we can set that up in the to be-nursery for my mom and dad.  I need the bassinet from my sister in law for our room, I need to clean out the closet of the nursery.  My mom offered to wash the clothes after the baby is born so I don’t have piles of clothes on my list (besides our own).  But that’s still technically on the list.  There’s some other things hanging out there I am sure that I will realize  want done sooner rather than later, and some that will really just have to wait until i am ready and able to tackle projects by myself with two children.   Wow.  I am going to be a mommy of two!

Still have no inkling of what this baby might be… I said to Sam last night, “uh, we better start talking about names” as opposed to the silly names that have been thrown around.

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