Confession time…

I told work that I am not going to be coming back, and it’s completely bittersweet for me.  I feel as though a weight has been lifted and I am not worried about keeping my mouth shut. So here’s confession time as to why this is just a hard decision for me.
The bitter taste?
1. I love my job. Truly. The only reason I dread getting up in the morning is just because I am tired, and I want to snuggle deeper into my soft bed and down comforter and sleep longer. Maybe even just another hour? Please? Back to the job- I’ve had a job where I dreaded going to WORK every single day because it was sheer torture. This is not the case at my current job. Yes, there are issues and yes, there can be times when I want to flip the b*word (meaning my laptop) but more often than not, it’s a gratifying job with good customers.
2. The people I work with are fantastic. I switched locations back in May and it has been such a wonderful experience, that I truly am saddened at not being able to work with these fine ladies anymore. I have been so blessed buy these people, and daily I am learning to be a little more giving.
3. My independence. Which could be considered a selfish thing, but I fear that staying home 24/7 with TWO babies will rot my brain (other stay at home mommies, please lie to me and tell me this won’t ever happen) and make me crave “adult” time like never before.
4. Contributing. I know that I will still be “contributing” to our home, where I am a stay at home mom, I will work more on keeping house, RAISING CHILDREN (that really should be priority #1, and I suppose it is) making dinner etc. But it’s that there’s no income coming from my side, where I may feel a little more “stressed” about spending money since we will lose my income.
The sweet, sweet victory that will be mine?
1. The glorious opportunity that is being home to raise two beautiful children. I cannot wait to meet our new beautiful little son or daughter, come February. And getting to watch Finn grow, just in the past couple of months has been amazing. I know this will not all be cake and ice cream. But Finn’s learning how to bake, so maybe we’ll work on that.
2. No more hustle and bustle of getting here to get there- worrying about making deadlines or working enough hours, worry about taking off for trips (hey ladies, guess where I’ll be visiting) or just the fact that I won’t have to drop off my babies to go to work. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to not have to “work again”? And yes, I know I will still be working. Believe me.
3. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I will be able to do some of the things I’ve just haven’t had the time for. Like making cards again. I met another Stampin’Up! Lady and am hoping to get back into making some cards and carving out time for just ME to do something I really enjoy. This will also require patience and understanding from my oh-so-fantastic husband to let me get away from being a mommy for just a few hours every couple of days. He’s always good about that.
4. Joining bible studies to make sure that I am doing everything to the Glory of the Lord. I look forward to being a stay at home mommy and I pray that the Lord will show me how to do all of these things in His name and definitely not in my name.
I have been incredibly blessed with all of the opportunities that have let me to this point in my life. Even that terrible no good horrible job had its lessons in there and gave me experience to get the next job, which led to this job. My boss has been so understanding and compassionate that I doubt these past two years would have gone the same way had I worked somewhere else.
To consider, I got the job originally when I was 6 months pregnant with Finn. I went on maternity leave for 12 weeks. I came back full time for 9 months, and THEN I was able to work with them to change my hours up to “part time” yet full time status to keep paid holidays and vacation time. Amazing!! So needless to say, come delivery time for baby #2 it will be a mixed day when I am not “going back to work” after maternity leave.

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