Funny little munchkin

After lunch the other day Finn and I went into the pet store next door.  Apparently in this store, there’s a “store cat” which is a white cat who just roams around the store.  Well, we we’re walking looking at the fish, the cat comes around the corner and meows and starts to try to rub on Finn’s legs.

Finn just nonchalantly picked up his leg and kicked the cat.

When I say “kicked the cat”  I really mean “pushed aside with his foot” it wasn’t a full force kick, just a “hey, get out of my way stinky cat”

Regardless, I was DYING.  It made me laugh, but of course I had to reprimand him for kicking a cat.  So as  I’m saying “no Finn, be nice to the kitty” the store clerk comes down the aisle and she had seen him do it…. of course, so I felt even worse, and she alleviated my slight worry over it by saying “if there’s any cat he can kick, it’s that one”

Worthy story.

Another cute thing, we stopped at my sister in law’s and she had some old shoes that we could have for Finn, and she gave us a cute little pair of crocs and some winter boots and sandals.  I swear, I thought I had a little girl for a minute last night.  Finn wanted to put on each and every shoe and walk around the house in them saying “shoes, shoes, shoes”  and he LOVES the crocs.  Funny, mommy hates them.  =)  SO he went out this morning in crocs and socks.  Ha!

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