Ever feel like your to-do list is just never-ending?  I do.

I have tons of things flitting around in my head, and I can occasionally snatch them in time to write them down in list form.  Unfortunately, after that, more often than not my list gets filled, but not checked off or completed.  Some stuff gets written down only because I’ve already done it, and I want to “look” like I am making progress.  Don’t judge, you know you’re guilty of the same thing.  =)

So my current to-do list has a LOT of household items and projects that I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to.  Those shelves I have in the basement, will I ever really paint them and hang them in F’s room?  The mirror in our entry way, will I ever get around to sanding and painting it in order to re-hang it?  I really want to paint the foyer table too.  Then there’s the simpler stuff, like filing all of the paperwork in our office.  Do I need to learn what can stay or what can go??  Oh, the amount of clothes I need to bring to the consignment shop, the items that need to go to the goodwill.  Then there’s the lists of ideas and crafts I really would love to do… but I feel as thought I don’t have time, and that I need to be on top of my game, perfect at accomplishing these things, and keeping an organized life and home.  I do an “okay” job but occasionally feel incredibly guilty that I am not better at these things. 

One to-do that I did manage to do was to get the basement relatively clean for our company this past weekend.  But therein still lies an issue where do we put the baby toys that F doesn’t use anymore?  We need to go through our Christmas stuff, do I pull it all out now or do I wait until Christmas to go through it??  There are stacks of Christmas CD’s and cassette tapes, floppy discs and zip drives that show my age (and I swear, I’m not that old!)  but my mind races what do I DO with those?  Trash?  Outdated formats, no one wants them, yet they are a part of my life that is hard to get rid of. 

So I borrowed a book from my boss called First Things First by Franklin Covey (they make the daily planners) and I am excited to get into it.  It had me hooked in the first few lines.  Hopefully I can learn to be a little bit more organized.  I can’t expect miracles here, but a little at a time.  Another book I am waiting to read is Pretty Neat… which may help me overcome the idea that I need to be PERFECTLY organized. 

We shall see.  On my list for today?  Accomplish ONE thing that I really want to do- whether it’s finally tossing those cassette tapes, or putting our 2010 pictures onto a cd… my goal is to do something that will make me feel accomplished.  That way, I am learning to take small baby steps.

(and as soon as I say that, my mind FILLS with things I’d love to get done- ooh, clean off the office shelves, or I could re-organize my drawers… the list goes on and on)

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