My First Mothers Day

Would be described as wonderful.  You know those moments when you feel completely blissful and you realize how incredibly blessed you are?  I felt that, again, on Saturday evening. 

Sam and I had been in the yard doing yard work.  I put Finn in the jumper and went into the shed to get the hacksaw to get rid of our cedars that have been ravaged by bad weather.  I opened the shed, reached to the right, saw some flowers on the floor, thought “huh” and grabbed the saw, and walked away.  Sam yelled “JERK” at me when he saw I had been in there.  I told him I only saw flowers, but he didn’t believe me.  So he and Finn went into the shed and pulled out my mother’s day present. 

A shiny new hybrid Trex bike.  Finn just wanted to touch it and sit on it.  It was beautiful, and officially my very first bike.  We quickly went into the basement and got the trailer that my friend Debbie had given me at least a year ago.  We attached it to the bike and took it for a test spin, making sure Finn was relatively happy.  Oh, he was.  So we went for a little jaunt in the neighborhood.  I love it, and Finn enjoyed it. 

During the bike ride I felt it.  Just overcome with happiness and gratitude for all the things in my life that the Lord has blessed me with.  An incredibly loving husband, a beautiful baby boy, income enough to have such a frivolous mothers day present, and a healthy able body to ride my new bike.

Best part?  That wasn’t even ON Mothers day.  Sunday we went to church and then spent the day at Sam’s moms house with all the family, enjoying each others company and the perfect weather.  We had a rousing game of Kickball (bringing back the old school) and played kids versus adults.  Guess who won?  Then I sat with Finn on the lawn and watched Sam play tag and hide and seek with the kids.  Eventually we packed up and went home, putting munchkin down to bed and Sam and I got to just sit together and watch tv.  Relaxing.

I am still in shock that I am a Mother, and it only makes me appreciate all the mothers out there, the mothers who raised my friends, my friends who are becoming mothers. 

I am especially thankful for Sam’s mother, Barb, as she sets an amazing example for us all and raised my *fantastic* husband.

Most of all, I could never forget MY mother, who helped shape me into the woman I am today.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have ever done for me.    There are no words.

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