Pell-Mell Morning

This morning was QUITE a morning!  I had a super pee and poop debacle this morning, and all I could do was laugh.  I look a little manic today because of it (hair is crazy, outfit is kind of pell-mell)

I know you want to hear the story. 

Here goes-  so this morning… prince was sleeping in bed with me after a 6 oclock breakfast, and I left him there to take a shower (a-ok because he’s not rolling around yet) and when I came back I woke him up and I saw that some pee had leaked out of his diaper.  Fine.  Easy.  (I’d leave it there for Sam to sleep in if it was only that little dot… just kidding)  So I began undressing him and changing his diaper.  (do you see where this is going?  You may have an inclination, but I promise you, it gets better) 

Of course, I didn’t get the new diaper on fast enough before he starts peeing, and I mean, he was unloading that thing.  So I gave a startled cry and was like, “what are you doing!” and made him smile, and stop peeing.  So I grabbed his pee clothes and covered his doodle until I could get the diaper on.  Took the clothes off to get the diaper on, and bam, more pee.  I look at him, and I think I said “Finnegan!” and he stops. 

Nothing short of amazing, this kid.   So I am maneuvering him around so I can get the diaper on.  I finally get the diaper under his butt and over his doodle and I said, okay you can finish peeing now.  And he finishes.  On command.  Even more amazing.  Then, he starts bearing down.  Oh no.  Then I think, it’s okay, the diaper is under his butt.  NOT FULLY.  Diaper was covering one cheek… so a good portion of the poop gets on the bed.  Then his foot as I’m trying to get him up without getting covered in poop myself.  So, here I am holding a naked baby under the spigot and laughing.  As I’m drying him off with Sam’s towel (nice, right) he spits up on it.  Not too much, but enough.  Clean that off, and I get him all dressed and nice and clean.  Sit him in his little bouncer seat. 

Not three minutes go by (as I’m realizing that I need to completely change as there is pee on my pants, and oh, look, poop on my shirt) and I hear him grunting and pooping again.  No problem, he’s got a diaper on.  So I leave him there while I throw the bed sheets in the washer.  Pick him up. 

 Yup.  Poop through the back of his outfit.

 I couldn’t help but laugh.  What’s that line, “if we didn’t laugh we would all go insane” Isn’t that the truth.

 Finally had a clean and sleepy boy and got him to Jess’s at 8:30 (half hour late) and then I go banging his car seat around trying to get him out of the car and wake him up.  *sigh*

 Anyway, that was my morning.  (oh, then I spilled hot coffee on my hand… to top it off)

 How was YOURS??  (I bet I win? Yes.)

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