Up next- Bathroom overhaul.

I simply cannot wait.  In a bittersweet moment of clarity this past holiday weekend (meaning New Years weekend) I had a great idea in my head to simply “patch” the hole that was in our shower wall.  Yes, I’ve been angrily eyeballing that BIG BLACK plastic bag that has been covering our “oops” moment when Sam put too much pressure on a soapdish, and plop.  Out it fell, along with the drywall.  Yikes.   

I thought a great idea would be to try to patch it.   Sam knew that wasn’t a likely story.  He said, “I’m worried that I’m going to get in there and it’s not going be a patch job, it’ll just prove that we need to completyely re-do the bathroom sooner than we had planned.”  Which, by the way, wasn’t on our immediate list.  Although, to look at it, you would hope and pray it WAS on the top of our list.

Why not?  Well, because in order to completely renovate a bathroom (and I mean completely) you need to have access to ANOTHER bathroom, correct?  Correct.  Which we don’t have.  We had thought that through, and decided that we would install a full bathroom downstairs in the basement before we tackled the upstairs bath. 

That’s not happening anymore. 

Don’t worry, I will tell him “you were right” over and over, because he was.

He sat on the edge of the tub, spackle tool in hand, and began to chip away the old (did I mention PINK) tile, and more drywall came with it.  Oh yea, it came out that easily.  More tile in order to get to the studs (if you know anything about patching a big hole, you know you need to get to the studs in order to fasten the new durarock or green board to the wall) and more tile.  Then we began noticing the mold that was living back there.  Oh yes, and the ant colony (so THATS WHERE THEY WERE COMING FROM!)  Sam and I sat there and looked at it.  Crap, the entire bathroom needs to be torn down, gutted and redone.

Part of me rejoices.  I mean, look at this thing.  I’ve made it as pretty as possible without spending too much money.  And part of me thinks, we weren’t planning on this for a while, but more of me rejoices.  =)

So far we’ve agreed on white subway tile from tub to ceiling, a natural colored stone for the floor, and Sam is going to build a “built in” bookcase for linens.  We plan on buying a new vanity from my work (I work at a Cabinetry company) and new mirror and light fixtures.  You know, the whole she-bang.  Kind of like this eye candy.


We also decided that in order to facilitate an easier renovation, and in order to primarily keep me and the munchkin safe- we’re going to call the mold guys (who removed the mold in our basement prior to settlement) and the exterminator (who tested our house for yucky crawly things) in order to take care of what’s lurking behind the rest of those tiles.

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