Love it or Leave it, part tres

Yes, I know.  Completely different language. 

So, the pink striped button down shirt will be making its way to the consignment shop along with the brown J.Crew shirt.  The reason?  Again, too short.  I love it, and it looks pretty “okay” on me, except for the lack of material around the middle parts.

Shirts are PERPETUALLY too short on me, I’ve begun to notice.  However, I have also noticed that the “trend” lately is leaning towards longer waisted items (hooray for those blessed with nice long torso’s like me!) and thinner fabrics in order to layer.  Thank goodness.  I used to like having my belly hang out when it was super flat and tan, and oh yea, next to a pool.  But now that I’m a working lady and a mommy to boot – I’ve got a cute little pooch (that I’m working getting rid of mind you) that needs to be covered up and dressed to kill for work.  Not really, but I do need to look respectable!  So I’ve been picking items that are longer waisted.  This leaves me to say “buh bye” to most button down shirts, as any type of movement where my arms leave the side of my body by any fraction of a degree, MOST shirts ride up and show some lovely pale white skin.  NOT appropriate, and also, quite drafty.

So, goodbye old friend.  I hope you get a new life with someone much shorter waisted than I.

Next up, Green button down shirt.

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