One down…

As I stated yesterday, I decided to tackle a clothing challenge.  To wear items that I rarely wear in order to REMEMBER WHY I rarely wear them.  This week has been “dress down” week since it’s the holidays, which allowed me to wear item #1 on my list.








A very cute J Crew brown shirt that I really like, but rarely wear.  The reason?

After wearing it for three short hours, I remembered why.  It’s too short.  No, not short as in if I wear a shirt under it it will be fine, but too short as in it comes to the middle of the small of my back.  Not getting it?  Here’s a picture.










And I’ve been suffering through it’s lack of coverage all day.  Yes, I’ve put on a shirt underneath it, but it just isn’t appropriate for me anymore.  *sigh*

So there’s shirt number one down and heading towards the consignment shop.

Speaking of, have I told you HOW much I love the consignment shop I frequent?  Yes, enough to warrant a LARGE birthday gift card from there.

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