New Year, new challenges

On top of my new years list, along with lose 10 lbs and workout regularly, is to go through my clothes.  I look at my closet and I am amazed at how many clothes I own (shirts AND pants) and don’t wear regularly.  I came across Crazy Domestic’s new Love it or Leave it Challenge and I have decided to participate.

It’s taking some items that for some reason or another, are relegated to the back of the closet.  For me, this would be possbile itchy sweaters, sweaters that are a TAD too tight, shirts that are too short and require an undershirt- and wear them.  By the end of the day, I will hopefully remember why they were shoved in the back, or maybe I won’t and I’ll add a new article of clothing to my rotation.  If I do remember why, then why keep them?  I can donate them.  Or better yet, keep them for my upcoming SWAP party!!  I just took a glance at the calendar and I can barely believe that January will be here this weekend, and my party so soon after that! 

I really am looking forward to having some ladies over to my house to swap stuff and have fun.  Last year’s Swap Party turned out really well, and this one looks to be QUITE interesting!!

Other challenges?  Sam and I are committed to getting our LAST credit card paid off, as well as HIS school loans BY MAY.  We’ve been slacking on paying things off, mostly because I was home on Maternity leave and not bringing in any money.  But now we’re getting back on that horse and we’re goin to strut our stuff and then I’ll post our air high five.  Where we jump and high five in the air. (is there a nickname for that??)

What Challenges are you thinking of taking on?

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