Again with the birthday…

Not only is it the Christmas season, which seems to spring on you mid-November with Christmas carols and stores already toting that it’s time to shop for presents, but it’s my birthday month. Yes, I celebrated 29 wonderful years on this earth this past Tuesday.

I celebrated being a daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, wife, sister in law, and more recently, a mom.

My day was very low key— as per usual, the day started with the obligatory phone call from family members singing happy birthday, as well as a family email wishing me the best. What was different about this birthday was that I was woken up by the most beautiful baby I have ever seen.

My little boy woke me up and sang “Happy Birthday” to me in his smiles and coos. Ahh, heaven.

At work, no one knew it was my birthday, which I truly don’t mind. I’m not a big one for the fuss and muss. Unfortunately, as the day progressed, Sam let me know that he was not feeling good, so we called off our plans for the evening. We had planned on having his side of the family over for cake and ice cream… too many kids to risk them getting sick, not to mention the fact that he just felt awful. I wound up taking care of him on my birthday. I did get out and go to my SIL’s for meatloaf (which was delicious) and brought some home to my sick hubby, and then proceeded to make chocolate chip cookies… so all was not lost.

My husband spoiled me and got me almost everything on my list (yes, we’ve resorted to writing birthday and Christmas lists around our house) which is *fingers crossed* going to encourage me to run. I wanted (and received) new sneakers, a Nike+ sports kit, a new workout long sleeved shirt, new workout pants, as well as Season 1 of Modern Family. No, Modern Family has nothing to do with running,(although there is an episode about running) but the rest does. Hopefully a new gadget might help me get out of my funk. Not only did my husband come through on the gift giving, but his family chipped in and got me a large gift card to a great consignment shop that my SIL and I have been frequenting with enthusiasm. So now I cannot wait to head over and shop my little heart out!!

Eventually Sam passed out on the living room floor (I snuck him a Tylenol PM) and I got to spend some quality time with my munchkin. All in all, it was a pretty fabulous day, however new and untraditional it was. And of course, Sam is almost back to himself today, thank goodness, because he’s taking me out to dinner on Friday night to Lures (YUM!)

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