Birthday Wishes

My birthday is fast approaching, and I find it incredibly hard to believe that this year, 2010, I will be turning 29.  Wow, not only that, but now that I am 29 I am not only a wife, but a mother too.  Incredible.

I had begun a list of things I wanted for birthday and Christmas, since unfortunately, as often happens, my birthday gets combined with Christmas.  Sometimes I am okay with the decision, and sometimes not.  This year, we’ve already purchased a christmas gift for the both of us.  We got a used Canon Rebel which we are both totally in love with.  We’ll still be buying Christmas presents for each other, but now our price cap has gone down.

On my previous birthday list were a couple of large items that Sam could choose from, of course.  One was laser hair removal.  I still totally want this, but it’s more money than I (or Sam) expected.  Which means, not yet as we have debt to pay off still that could use the 1,000 bucks it costs.  The reason I want it?  Duh, no more shaving.  Seriously, two of my sisters had it done and they’ve raved and said that they wished they had it done years earlier.  Why not heed their advice and get it done when I can?  So maybe that will be my treat to myself next year.  I would have liked to have it done before our cruise next winter, but I guess not.  Second item on my list was to take a class at the local community college.  I would love to take an art class, I really miss them (I took at least 4 a semester during college as I have an art degree) and would have a blast taking a watercolor, pottery, life drawing class.  I’d love even more if they offered glass blowing.  Another I’ve always wanted to take was sign language.  This, I think has been put on the back burner in my mind because of Finn.  I feel like that would take MORE time away from him than I’d want.  We’ll look again at that down the road.  A third item I want is a new wedding band, or a diamond to fit into my current wedding band.  The type I have now is one where they want you to solder the band and engagement ring together and move the diamond to the middle, but I don’t like the way that looks.  Unfortunately, a diamond would cost about 5-6 hundred dollars, where a new band with diamonds could be less costly.

However, now that I’ve taken a step back and realized that I would rather pay off our remaining debt (a la Dave Ramsey) I’m okay with smaller items for my birthday.  I would really like a Nike+ Ipod sport kid, which may help me with getting out there and jogging and running again.  Yes, I am that lazy.  I would also need a new pair of shoes, as mine are at least two years old and some new workout clothes.  Crazy enough, another item I want is a Pyrex container set.  For some reason, we either didn’t register for this 4 years ago when we got married, or no one got it for us, and I could really use it.  I’ve been wanting one for a few years now.  A nice BIG set with the lids and everything.  Maybe I will get that for myself for Christmas.  I’ve also been noticing that i need new socks.  I know, most people hate getting anything that resembles socks or underwear for Christmas, but I’m learning that I need new socks.  Most of my favorite pairs have holes in them, and come on, who fixes socks anymore?  A few new pairs would be nice.  I feel really nerdy writing this out.  Sigh.  Okay, another items would be the First season of Modern Family. That show has to be my favorite this year and last, it’s simply hilarious.  If you’ve ever watched it, you’d have to agree.  Lastly, I LOVE receiving gift cards.  I know people think it’s not a very thoughtful gift, but I do love getting them.  Unfortunately, it takes me a long time to use one.  I still have last years gift card to the LOFT.  Reason being, I got pregnant, and I couldn’t purchase clothes that would not fit me for another year!  I suppose I’ll HAVE to use it this coming month since I’m almost back to normal size…  maybe they’ll have a great clearance section.  I digress.  So, that’s my current wish list, at least for Sam to peruse (must email him this post) and maybe I’ll come up with some other inexpensive ideas…

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Check out the outlet’s for the Pyrex… or I can pick them up for you. In Lancaster there is a outlet and you can get the whole set pretty cheap.

  2. Good idea- maybe I’ll get a Pyrex Christmas present from Sam!

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