Maya Wrap Frustration

Ugh.  I am so frustrated.  I thought I would be a natural at the sling thing.  I imagined myself a hip chick with her little Chickie on her hip… but no such luck.  What’s even worse is that  I get completely frustrated and angry when I DO try to put Finnegan in a sling, which I’m sure makes him uncomfortable.  My SIL graciously made me a gorgeous sling with a great blue polka dot fabric that I bought at Jo-Ann’s, and I cannot bring myself to use it.  I’d much rather use the Baby Bjorn because I know how to wear it, I know how to insert Finn into it, and it doesn’t piss me off every time.

What’s even worse is I have been “taught” how to do it by said sister-in-law, as well as instructional videos… and STILL I cannot get it to work.  It requires a happy baby and a happy mommy in order to get it to function properly.  I can’t stand that I don’t know how to do it.  It comes so easy for my sisters in law, why not me?  Why do I get SO incredibly frustrated with it?  Why is it not comfortable?  At this point, I feel terrible because my SIL took time and energy to make me TWO slings (the first one was created with too little fabric, so the “bucket” for Finn was too small) and I haven’t used either.  I hate it when someone asks me “oh, did you bring your sling?” or… “why don’t you use the sling SIL made you?”  I tend to duck and jibe to avoid answering, because I know it’s all user error.  She said she even tested it out with her 3-year-old, 45 lb child to make sure it was adequate.

What is wrong with me??  Do I continue to TRY to use it?  Do I just give up and stick to the Baby Bjorn?

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One thought on “Maya Wrap Frustration

  1. Honestly, I would say keep trying. Try when you are with your SIL and Finn… have her help you again and again. Try when Finn is in a good mood too. I didn’t use my sling as much with Chase but I do more with Lucas and I love it… but it did take some trial and error (and still does… we don’t always mesh well). I think it’s like being held… sometimes they prefer a cradle, sometimes they want to be on the chest… sometimes they want to be in the sling, sometimes not so much. You can also try different styles of slings… sometimes another style is more comfortable. Oh and there is nothing wrong with the Bjorn… still keeps em close!

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