Ikea Dreams

Went to Ikea today- first time since having Finnegan.  Took three and a half hours.  Although, that’s also most likely because I went with Sarah, who has a baby and a toddler, and had to feed and change Maddy, and Nanny who probably would have been done before me.

Although, I myst say, I do enjoy walking around Ikea.  Mostly I drool over the set ups, wishing my house could be as “pulled together” as Ikea.  Meaning, I want the same exact layout with the same exact cabinets and the same couch, rug, dining table, armchairs, etc etc.

I HAVE finally come to the conclusion that in my future house (if we ever move) I would like white cabinetry.  Yes, I know, little hands make big messes.  But when it comes right down to it, I tend to feel more “homey” in a white  country style kitchen.  And that’s what bleach is for right?  Here’s a sample kitchen that I would simply adore, *sigh*.

White Kitchens Photos Kitchen Designs

I purchased way too much stuff, but I simply cannot help myself.  I HAD to buy frames for two pictures we got professionally taken and printed, one of my preggo belly, and a baby Finn shot.  Of course, they were printed out on 11×14 sheets, so there is no “standard” frame to fit.  This is one of  the amazing pictures we got:  they are both in black and white… and there is no writing on the one of me.








So I bought large frames and am going to go to Michaels to get a mat cut to fit.  Great, more money.  But Ikea IS the place to get cheap frames.  I woud know, as I have a “gallery” of frames in our living room… and most were purchased at Ikea.  You can’t go wrong with 69 cents for a picture frame in the AS-IS section, because I can spray paint it black.  Even 5 bucks for a nice one with a crisp mat is a good deal.

I also bought some of these babies- again, 69 cents in the AS IS section… still not sure what’s “wrong” with them, but they work just as well as any other… and I bought the coordinating boxes (set of two) to hold all of the junk I just purged from my filing cabinet (checks, cords, burnable cd’s) so that I could use the filing cabinet for its true purpose.  Storing my files.

KASSETT Magazine file green Width: 4 " Depth: 9 ¾ " Height: 12 ½ " Package quantity: 2 pack  Width: 10 cm Depth: 25 cm Height: 32 cm Package quantity: 2 pack  KASSETT Magazine box with lid green Width: 13 " Depth: 15 " Height: 11 ¾ " Package quantity: 2 pack  Width: 33 cm Depth: 38 cm Height: 30 cm Package quantity: 2 pack

What else did I buy?  I could NOT resist this cute bath mat- since our fish we have on the tub floor currently actually don’t stick in place, it’s a good idea for baby bath time.

PATRULL Bathtub mat green Length: 35 " Width: 13 "  Length: 90 cm Width: 33 cm

I bought this adorable stuffed playset for my niece who turns two today- it’s a breakfast set, with eggs, pancakes, and bacon

DUKTIG 15-piece breakfast set

And I HAD to get this farm set for FInn.  I know he can’t play with it yet, but it’s stinking cute.  They didn’t have any more of the actual barn set left, so I need to go back to get that.  But I did purchase the animals and the farm “equipment”

LANDET Farmhouse with animals,13 piece set  LANDET 8-piece assorted animal set  LANDET 6-piece vehicle set


Needless to say, I spent way to much money at Ikea today… but I got some Christmas presents down (the ones above are for Finn for Christmas) and I can’t wait to put the other items to good use.

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