From Stamping to DIY

Funny.  I’m catching up on my google reader (holy cow, I read a lot of blogs) and I’m thinking.  Wow, my life has changed.  When I first started using google reader, it was CHOCK FULL of stampers blogs.  I would drool over the cards and scrapbook pages they created.  Earmarking them and thinking, I’ll totally use this idea for my next card.  Other blogs that took up a lot of my time were recipe blogs.  Don’t ask me why, as I am NOT the primary cook in this house.  I guess I always like the idea of being the primary cook.  But we all know who is king of the kitchen in this house.  That’s right Sam.  While I can prepare a mean (delicious) burger, Sam’s the one with the culinary chops.  So I spent time absorbing peoples thoughts on stamping (and wanting every stamp set possible from Paper Trey Ink … and still do) and cooking.

Now, I find myself obsessively reading DIY blogs.  My stamping blogs are few and far between, and as for those culinary blogs?  They’re pretty much MIA, as I realized, hey, I’m not the big cook around here.  Although I AM trying to make headway in that department, the blogs I was reading weren’t helping me get there.  So the DIY blogs give me TONS of great ideas (which I may, or may not EVER implement) and thoughts on other things I could do.  Actually, a few of them helped kick my butt into gear when it came to getting that dresser done for Finn’s nursery.  I have other things I want to do, and browsing those blogs is ALWAYS inspiring.

A few that I really enjoy- (some of these also just had little ones, which is where I am right now, so I KNOW DIY’ing is attainable!)

Young House Love

Bower Power (I was worried Katie hung up her paint brush, but I’m glad to say she didn’t)

Centsational Girl

Design Sponge

to name a few.  There’s tons more out there- and I find more and more every day!!


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