Newest Addition

Well, we have made it through three weeks of new member of the family and I haven’t posted once.  I thought I’d be posting away, every day… but that just DID not happen.

Anyway, we welcomed our precious Finnegan into the world on August 29th, after a long labor and delivery… and he’s perfect.  (I’ll post a birth story later)

We cannot believe this kid is ours… it still feels so surreal, and almost like a joke, like someone is going to say, okay, you’re done, we’ll take him back now.  I’m not saying it hasn’t been hard, because it has.  But it hasn’t been ridiculously hard.  I’ve only gotten upset twice so far, and mostly from lack of sleep.

Most nights he’s a fabulous sleeper and he sleeps in three hour chunks.  Some nights, like a couple this weekend, he chose to sleep for only 1-2 hour stretches of time, and even then they were very fitful.

I am home on maternity leave, I’ve got nine more weeks left and I cannot believe how quickly time is flying.

Anyway, I should get to the best part.  The pictures of our munchkin.

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One thought on “Newest Addition

  1. Yeah… posting didn’t happen regularly for me for a while after Chase was born either. Those little guys are completely intoxicating! So glad to hear things are going well and that you are now a happy family of 3! He really is a cutie!!

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