Update your stats, STAT

My stats-

Less than 4 weeks until my due date.  Time is passing quickly, and excitement is building for the day when Finnegan is going to make his debut into the world.  My feet are swollen, as well as my heart.

Bought some adorable outfits for him to choose between on his way home— on sale at Target. When I say sale, I mean two bucks a pop.  Heck yes!

Always have the best intentions to get on here and write, but by the end of the day, I’m just done.  Right now, I am waiting for Sam to get home from school (may not be until 8 or so) waiting for the chicken to defrost as I am planning on making Kung Pao chicken, and finally decided, hey, I need to sit down and put an entry on my blog.

Things that made me smile today:

  • Aunt Mary calling and making a “baby check.”   She had thought my due date was a lot closer to Abbey’s
  • Abbey going into labor- hooray!  Her due date was on Sunday, and she’s been PATIENTLY waiting for Tessa to arrive.
  • Elisa talking about some delicious cake called Kentucky Butter Cake that I am dying to make tonight
  • Eating Panera for lunch, oh how  I love a half a greek salad and half a cup of their mac and cheese- along with a duet cookie.  YUM-O
  • My porky little piggies, oh how sad and swollen they are.  But I look forward to the day when they fit back into my saucy work shoes!
  • Pregnancy photo shoot- made me feel beautiful, not just gigantic bellied.
  • Anytime Finn kicks me, it makes me smile, because he’s my little boy.

Otherwise, everything is going well.  I will have to put up a post of the art work that Sam and I made and hung in Finn’s room- thank you Ikea for the ideas— and how cute his room is.  For now, here’s a recent belly shot.

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