Dresser Re-do

So we all know that the dresser has been on my to-do list for, oh, years.  We finally finished it a couple of weekends ago.  I sent pictures to my mom, and she reminded me to post them on my blog.  I wish I had a better before picture.  It’s the only one  I could find of the drawers in the dresser before I began to improve it, drastically.

Yes, it had been painted purple and white by my sister in law, when she painted her bedroom (in high school) purple.  I had decided in 2005 or 2006 to begin this task by sanding the drawers… but when I tried, my neighbor (at the time) came out and was like, “so, we’ve never met.  But I have a baby that’s sleeping right now”  so I quickly put away the sander and never took it back out.

Finally, I got the kick in the pants I needed (most likely the fact that this baby is coming sooner rather than later) and took the thing outside, and began sanding the drawers first.  They went from this:

To this:

After some serious help from Sam, we got the top sanded down.  The drawer heads and top of the dresser turned out to be solid red oak… and the face frame of the dresser.  However, the sides were simple plywood.  I decided that I didn’t want to stain plywood, so we would just sand and stain the top and drawer fronts and paint the remainder a pretty color.  I imagined tan, Sam imagined some crazy florescent yellow color.  We compromised. (right honey?)

Here’s the dresser and drawers after one coat of stain

Starting to look good, and make me really glad about our decision to finally do this.  Went to home depot to pick some paint, and wound up going with a yellow-ish color that looked the best with the reddish stain we would up picking.  Martha Stewart to the rescue,  we chose a color called Tahini.

Two coats of Tahini on the dresser frame and we were in business

And here’s the finished product- after screwing in some knobs I had been saving for just this project- and placing in the correct room- Our baby’s new room- it’ll be his new dresser/changing table- and hopefully grow with him.  We were so excited about the finished product.  I think it helped encourage us to take on some more similar projects in the future.

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