Lists lists and more lists

I currently have about 8 lists in my purse.

Each one probably has some of the same items as another one.

Have I completed these lists?  No.

Have I started these lists?  Yes.

At least there’s some positive in that.

One list includes everything I want to do around the house, and cannot do myself.  Also known as heavy lifting, moving furniture… you know, things a 7 month pregnant woman shouldn’t be doing.  Although, i really am tempted to just do them myself anyway.  It takes some serious restraint people.  Like right now, I would really like to move our office furniture around- switch the desk to the window and move the shelves from downstairs up, as well as all of our books and movies (out of the basement) but… not going to happen.  At least not without Strong Sam’s help.

Other items include things that I am totally clueless about right now.  Like, what artwork should I hang on Finnegan’s walls?  I have a globe light… should I stick with the map theme?  PS- I’m not a theme person, so that’s out.  I saw a cute idea in Pottery Barn Magazine (of course) for an adorable mural to create on his wall… but I’m not sure about the octopus thing.

Here’s a picture of the nursery, as it is right now.

I’m not sure where I should go from here, but I’ve seen plenty of ideas.  So the colors are Green, blue and now yellow on the dresser I re-did as well as the shelves.

Ohdeedoh is a great place for ideas- just haven’t found exactly what I want.  I am a little lacking in wall space anyway… so I guess we’ll figure something out!!

Other items on the list?  Things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and just haven’t gotten around to it.  One thing I managed to accomplish on my day off on Monday was cleaning and organizing the basement.  It fell under the category of non-restraint as I was moving some slightly heavy things around.  But nothing too strenuous, and when I got tired, I sat down and put my feet up.  But now the basement doesn’t make me cringe when I walk down there to do laundry.  Unfortunately, this means my stamps are all put away until further notice, as they were part of the issue.  The real issue was that we put a queen size bed down there for guests (Sorry guests).  No, the basement is not the greatest place, but hey, it stays cold in the summer and has a comfy bed now??  Does that work?  We’re PLANNING on putting up walls soon!

There are other things on my list… mostly organizational items that I think would make me a “better” person.  Things I never get around to, because I am only occasionally an organized person.  In certain areas of my life.  Laundry for example, does not take priority when it comes to being organized.  However… once it makes its way towards my closet, then organization takes over and ROYGBIV rears it’s ugly little head.  (For any of you who know me, I organize my clothes in color order. Yes, a bit pretentious but hey, I like it).  So there definitely comes a time when I have a skill for that “sorting, stacking, cataloging” type of stuff.

Another one of the lists??  What to pack for our upcoming vacation!!  I cannot wait, we are going to Pigeon Forge TN for my family reunion.  My parents, my siblings and their spouses, and most of their children.  28 people in one house.  Thank goodness there are enough bedrooms and bathrooms for all!!

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