It’s been a long time folks…

And I am sorry for the delay.  I’d really like to say that I am going to promise to blog at least once a day from here on out- but I’m just not sure I can stick to that deal.  I’m going to try, but no promises here okay.

So time has passed, OH so quickly since my last post.  As for the pregnancy- I am currently mid-25th week, and feeling good.

Things I have managed to accomplish since last post??

1. I DID manage to take down the drop ceiling AND install the new light fixture in the bathroom ALL BY MYSELF.  This was back in March when I must have hit that “second trimester energy increase” because I was raring to go.  Go me.   I was totally rockin the DIY status that day.  No, it has not been painted, as of yet.  That, my friends, I am totally slacking on.  I asked hubby to assist me this weekend.

2. Nursery is all cleared out and awaiting some touch up paint.  I did buy a cute globe for the baby room!

3.  WE FOUND OUT WE’RE HAVING A BOY!!  We are so thrilled, and we found out on May 5th, when he was all about showing off.

4. My mom visited and painted my trim in the entire hallway, along with our doors.  Do you know how much I didn’t want to do this?  Is it that obvious when I leave something to get done to the one time my mom is even visiting?  Does that make me a jerk??  =)  I love you Mom, thank you AGAIN for painting the trim!!

5. Sam opened the pool, which made him very happy, and a lot of our family and friends VERY happy this past Memorial Day, as it was 90 degrees out!

6. Started working at a company, got a call from another company about a job, and switched jobs.  I start my new job on Monday.  I took a week off, and it’s been great sleeping in.  Every day I’ve slept later (probably should plan on waking up early tomorrow and Saturday so Monday isn’t such a big deal)

7. We also managed to break our old washer, and purchase a lovely new little washer- an LG front loader.  I’m praying it works FOREVER.

I’m hoping to get my butt in gear today and go pick up the sanders I let a family member borrow (for sanding the dresser) and go pick out a fabric for the baby room- the room is painted a light green (sage-ish) and I’m thinking of something with blues and wood tones to go with it- maybe some brown or orange?  Wish me luck!!

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