The Coming Weekend

If I had a commercial style voice I’d be saying the awesome events like this:

“Friday night, look out for a girl who saunters back into town to impose her new life on old friends”


“Saturday, filled with giggles and grins and naughty lingerie”

But, I don’t.  But I will tell you that I am completely excited… tonight our friend Serena comes to town after a move to St. Louis in January (oh how we miss her) and Sam and I get to go out to dinner with her and some other fabulous ladies and gents.  Saturday, I get to spend more time with her and just the ladies at a Bridal Shower for Elisa, the bride to be.  Also, on Saturday, my parents are driving through town and will be able to stop and see us for the night, then they have to head out Sunday morning.

This excites me to no end, because my mother has not seen my house since we bought it in May of last year (and she oh so willingly helped me paint two and a half entire bedrooms) and my father has never been up to see my house.  I know they’ve seen pictures of the progress, but it’s nothing compared to being able to SHOW them what we’ve done.  I am so excited!!

As for this morning and afternoon, I will be surrounded by babies, which is okay with me.

Update on the belly bump too— that picture was definitely Ham induced from Easter.  Here’s a picture of me this morning… my bump is definitely not as big as the ham bump on Easter.  Although, now it is two weeks after easter, and I am now on week 18.  I think the dress I was wearing emphasised certain attributes??

You tell me…  compare to last weeks picture.

Yes, I’m a terrible “self” photographer, please don’t look too hard at the picture!!  Okay, I’ll admit.  Looking at them side by side, I have a similar size baby bump.  Hmmm… interesting.  I’ve only been asked by one person who wasn’t sure if I was pregnant, and I could tell she didn’t want to be the jerk who was wrong!

Hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy it as much as possible, the weather is supposed to be FINE (it’s 60 degrees already at 8 am here)!!

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