Finally showing, and making progress in the Nursery

Well, it’s officially 4 months for me, and I’ve started showing in the last two weeks. Here’s my picture as of Easter Sunday.

Keep in mind, I had a LOT of Ham for lunch and dinner too!

And we’re making progress in the nursery.  We removed all of the furniture out of there yesterday, so I have a nice blank slate to work with… we’re going to keep the green color whether its a boy or a girl (which we get to find out in a couple of weeks!!)  And I’ll work on something for the mobile and curtains, and wall art as soon as we do know if its a Mr. or a Ms. Baby B.

It’s actually really nice having everything out of that room right now- I only plan on putting four items into that room- a crib, a dresser/changing table, a rocking chair, and a bookcase.

Of those items I need to sand and paint two of them- the dresser is currently purple and white, and the bookcase is pink.  Maybe the bookcase will stay pink if it’s a girl- but the dresser definitely needs an updated coat!

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One thought on “Finally showing, and making progress in the Nursery

  1. Awww, you have a cute little baby belly!

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