The Adventure begins- SWAP PARTY!

So I made my very first foray into the world of Swap Parties.

Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens (Jan 2010) I decided that I could host a really great Swap Party with all of my friends and family (I wasn’t able to invite near as many people as I wanted to) to cut down on spending money for clothes, jewlery, handbags and more elsewhere.

The idea was to have everyone bring up to 6 items (I invited around 10 people) that were in good condition, clean, and that they didn’t want anymore.  We would all put a clothespin on the items that we wanted, and if there was more than one clothespin on an item, it would be a raffle.  We didn’t have any raffles- because what wound up happening was that when people heard I would take anything left behind to the goodwill, I think everyone decided to just bring EVERYTHING that they didn’t want!

What worked out even better, is I was planning on having a yard sale the following weekend.  So most of them said I could try to sell whatever was left if I wanted it.

Everyone had a good time, everyone walked away with something new to them, and we’re all game for another swap party in about 6 months when we all start to clean our attics and basements again!

Here’s the remainder of stuff from the Swap Party, as well as images of all the stuff I hope to be OUT of my basement this Saturday!

I think everyone should take the time to have a swap party- it’s a great idea for getting together, and getting new stuff without paying a dime!!

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2 thoughts on “The Adventure begins- SWAP PARTY!

  1. Miranda on said:

    What a great idea! I’m going to do this.

  2. Love this idea! I wish I lived closer… I would totally come!! You know, if I was invited ;~)

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