Alive! It’s ALIVE!

So, after cleaning house all day, I decided to run outside to see what I could put into a vase for my dining room table.  It’s rainy today, and yet warm… but I haven’t been outside a lot, just a walk this morning.  So, I walk outside and start browsing my yard.  Not a lot to choose from- besides daffodils (which are gorgeous and full) and while browsing I’m deciding what we COULD eventually do to our yard- when suddenly, walking past my lilac bush that I’d begun to think of as a hopeless venture- I see GREEN.

Here’s the back story.  I purchased a lilac bush from HD.  Lilacs are my #1 favorite flower.  Or #2, after gardenias.  They’re pretty closely tied.  Anyway, I bought the bush, and henceforth forgot to plant it.  For at least 3 months.  Yes, I am good at forgetting to do things.  So, the bush stayed in a little pot for 3 months, outside.  After I finally realized I needed to plant it ASAP, and did… it seemed as though I had waited too long.  It stayed brown, through all the watering and additional little love we tried to give it (composted soil, miracle gro etc).  I hadn’t the heart to remove it yet, hoping and praying that I would eventually have a lilac bush in my backyard.

My hopes and prayers paid off, because today, there were little green buds all over the bush!


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