My idea for the day, completely thwarted… a house of surprises

This is what I thought at 10 am this morning:  So what’s on the agenda for today? Destroying the bathroom ceiling…. hmmm tempting!!

This is me at 12:45, after a trip to HD to get a light fixture to go in our bathroom: ARG. Why did the previous owner of this house have to do everything bass-ackwards?! There is a drop ceiling in my bathroom- and does everyone want to know WHY? Because they cut a hole through the wall for a vent of some sort. Therefore, the ceiling needed to be “lower” to cover it. THAT’S why it’s there, and taking up 6″ of space from our bathroom. I thought I could take it all down and put up a new light before Sam got home tonight. No such luck. RIDICULOUS.

ALSO, the framework for the drop ceiling is WIRED to the ceiling. Like, INTO the ceiling. Rediculous. I get madder and madder the more I think about it. This is also the same house that gave me paint/wallpaper/paint/wallpaper throughout the kitchen, as well as lights on the porch that just don’t seem to have a switch to turn them off. Therefore they are turned off my unscrewing the lightbulb. Oh, and the house where we LITERALLY just figured out how to turn on our outside driveway light. That “plug” that was just hanging out into the basement from outside? Oh, plug that in and it turns on.

Although, I must admit, I wouldn’t want another house.

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