February Already?

It’s so hard for me to believe it’s February, already!  Don’t get me wrong, I simply cannot wait to have the spring weather and be able to open all the windows in the house to let the breeze flow through… but FEBRUARY… already??  Wasn’t I just waiting impatiently for December to come and bring our cruise?  Wasn’t I JUST looking forward to Christmas and New Years??

Well, at least I have some stuff planned to keep me occupied in February!  We’ve got some friends coming into town to visit (HOORAY!) and my sisters wedding… DOUBLE HOORAY, as well as Super Bowl… and a weekend in Ocean City with some friends… that should be enough to get us through right?

Otherwise- the end of January left us with a couple of inches of snow, and some cold weather here in our town.  But it’s not too bad.

I’m making a list of small items that I can take care of this month before I start my new JOB!!

That’s right, I formally accepted a position at a new company TODAY!  I start in March, so I’ve got plans to get my butt into gear (as much as I can will myself too, I’m quite tired lately) and get some little things done around the house that I hadn’t gotten to.  The job is a position at a Kitchen and Bath company, and I’ll be assisting two designers with their projects.  It’ll be a tough snap back into the real world, as I’ve been “unemployed” since December 2008.  I worked briefly at some other companies, but they did not pan out at all.  So, this one will be a full time job starting March 1!  I’m nervous and excited all wrapped into a tired person!

Things I’m planning on doing around the house?  Hemming the curtains (finally) touching up paint spots in the bedroom, guest room and living room (hopefully I have enough paint) as well as cleaning and organizing the guest room and the basement (my crafty area) that have gotten re-organized.  AND I need to price some of the yard sale stuff we have set aside for the first warm weather weekend.  We’re hoping to make some money off of all the STUFF we’ve accumulated and simply do NOT need!!  And I am sure that once I go through my old and new craft supplies there will be tons of stuff in there that can be sold or thrown out!  How sad!

All right, so enough dilly dally-ing for me today.  For today I tackle some of the basement!

PS- We found a petrified squirrel in our wood stove in the basement the other day.  EW!!!

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One thought on “February Already?

  1. eabartlett on said:

    If the Bunn’s had a family crest, I think it would have to have a squirrel in it! Congrats on the new job–so very, very pleased for you!

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