Last Port of Call- Grand Turk

So this was our LAST port of call for the cruise.  A slightly sad day… but awesome none the less.
The men had planned on going scuba diving, while the ladies planned on going shopping.
This is the view as we docked–

Gorgeous right?  That sign on the right says WELCOME TO GRAND TURK

Grand Turk is six miles long and a mile wide.
So the guys had to be off the boat by 10:30 to meet up with their scuba instructor, and we were going to meet at 11:30 to go shopping.  (I’ll try to get Sam on here to write about the Scuba day)
We met up with Ms. Linda, Chad’s mom (super shopper extrodinarire) to go peruse the place.  We asked the first security guy we came to “Someone told us there’s no shopping inland, is that true?” and he said “they were lying.  There are shops in town”
So we decided, okay, we’ll take a cab into town and go shopping for jewlery there (there are lots of shops right at the port, including a Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville).  So, the four girls, Ms. Linda and her beau shuffle into a van and head into town.  When we get there, we were instantly disappointed in regards to shopping.  All they really had were some little owner run shops that sold t-shirts and crappy bracelets, as well as leather items with faces impressed in them.  Strange.  Jess and Britney did share the “best lemonade” they had all day… and I debated getting some lionfish to try.  I wimped out.
So, after looking through all the shops and not getting a single deal, we all said, lets head back.  This was about 30 minutes after getting there.  We get back and decide to shop a little more in the stores in the port, then go for lunch and drinks at Margaritaville.

Another thirty minutes and a conch shell charm for me, we headed to Margaritaville.
If you’ve ever been, you know about the yardstick drinks.  At 15 bucks a pop, they’re quite expensive… and also quite good.  We found a good place in the sun, then swam up to the bar to order ourselves a yardstick drink.  Here’s our friend Junelyn showing off how large those drinks really are:

After drinking it up at Margaritaville, I was a little restless.  We headed to the beach and I walked around and went shopping by myself (don’t worry, it was completely safe to go by myself) and then met back up with them on the boat after wards.

This was how close the boat was able to dock near the beach.  Apparently there’s about 100 yards of shoreline, then it has a 7,000 vertical drop called “The Wall”

I waited on the dock for the guys to come back from Scuba diving… and watched the sun set in Grand Turk.  Yes, I saw the green flash. Yes, I had seen it only once before.  When Sam finally sauntered up tuckerd out and blissfully happy after scuba diving, I asked him if he watched for the green flash (Green flashes and green rays are optical phenomena that occur shortly after sunset or before sunrise, when a green spot is visible, usually for no more than a second or two, above the sun, or a green ray shoots up from the sunset point. Green flashes are actually a group of phenomena stemming from different causes, and some are more common than others. Green flashes can be observed from any altitude (even from an aircraft). They are usually seen at an unobstructedhorizon, such as over the ocean, but are possible over cloud-tops and mountain-tops as well.) and he was mad and said he forgot.  Oh well!

After watching a gorgeous sunset, it was time for our LAST fancy evening.  They did two fancy evenings on this cruise- and people were dressed to the nines.  Some men had tuxes, some women had floor length gowns… I had some cute dresses. (I didn’t post pictures from our first fancy evening because I didn’t have any!!)  Here’s Sam and I at dinner on our last “Fancy” dinner night.
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