San Juan

Our sixth day was on Port of Call- San Juan.

Chad and Jess had done some pre-cruise searching and we were able to get our own driver to take us to a Rainforest Hike and then to a beach. His name was Albert, and he was awesome for what we wanted to do.
So we all piled into his van and headed towards the Rainforest (about 30 minute drive from our port)

Here’s Albert making the hats that were a big hit- Jason and Junelyn wore them the entire Hike. Yes, he garnered us a few extra looks.

And here’s Jason so willingly modeling the hat Albert made:
He looks as though he doesn’t like it. Believe me. He liked wearing it.
This was the first waterfall we came to, and of course we all piled out of the van to take some pictures… hiked as close as possible to take more pictures… and then crammed back into the van.

Sam and I being silly along the hike. Does this surprise anyone that Sam set this picture up?

The waterfall we were looking for— ah, beautiful!

Sam and Jason were the only ones brave enough to go in. My excuse was that I was cold… Jess’s excuse was that the water was dirty… and no one else cared enough to make an excuse. Sam and Jason certainly had fun.

Along the trail, we were seeing TONS of these giant snails… Sam accidentally put his hands on a few— then proceeded to get silly. Yet again. SNAILS FOR EYES….

Sam and I posed for this picture as King and Queen of the Rainforest… with our headdresses on like true royalty.

After the hike, we went to the top of this tower:

Like the view? Our camera started to die here- of course with good reason. I took a million photos of Sam in the waterfall. It had to happen.

Then Albert took us to a little roadside food stand that sold…. I’m not quite sure what they are. Apparently only a few of us in our group enjoyed the food. Sam and I were two of them. Here’s a picture of us enjoying our fresh coconut milk. Actually, I did not enjoy it. I think Sam semi-enjoyed it. Wasn’t what I expected.
And the rest of the crew eating their lunch and drinking coconut milk also. Talk about memories!

Last stop- Beach across the road from that little lunch place. Gorgeous. The Tide was pretty strong… which freaked a few people out. But not too bad. Water felt so good. This was ONE photo out of several jumps I was doing for Sam. I was so excited to be at the beach!!

Next day: Day Seven.
Port of Call: Grand Turk
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