Day Four & Five- "Fun Day at Sea" and St. Thomas!

Our “Fun Day at Sea” began with breakfast in the Silver Room, promptly followed by enjoying basking in the sun in the middle of nowhere.

Here’s Sam and Chad… I’m pretty sure we drank quite a few of the daily drinks on this day—

Our friend Jess was one of the top five contestants for the “Mixology” Contest- she had to create a drink, list the ingredients, and it had to have “Monkey” in the name. So her drink was a delicious purple concoction called the “Glorious Monkey Kiss” Unfortunately she did not win, but hey, she did a great job! Our friend Jason also got a shout out for his drink, which they were not allowed to announce because it was slightly off color. Go figure. After the mixology competition, we all just hung out some more before dinner.
We hung out a lot on Chad and Jess’s balcony which was on the rear of the boat… talk about the views!!
The next day was a day at port, we were going to St. Thomas! We had a wedding scheduled (Fuzzy and Cheree) to go to, and then a couple of hours back on the boat for the reception… then some free time if we wanted to go back out on St. Thomas. Here’s all of us good lookin people waiting for our ship to pull into port (I think this was the HOTTEST day we had all week)
So from the left, Sam, Me, Chad, Jess, Jason, Britney, Junelyn and Brad
When we pulled into port, the Disney Cruise line was already docked. They honked their horn at us and it played the first string of “When you wish upon a star”… and their boat was HUGE!
Here’s the location we got a ride to for Fuzzy and Cheree’s Ceremony. A gorgeous view isn’t it?
They had brought along the friend of an Uncle who couldn’t make the cruise- he was a part of MANY hilarious pictures. Here he is pointing at Fuzzy and Cheree- kissing for some pictures.
Sam and I decided to go back out onto St. Thomas to do a little walking around and shopping before we left. Here we are giving hand signals- his says “V” and mine says “I” for Virgin Islands.
We tried to go to a butterfly farm, but the last tour had already gone through and they were going to close for the day. So we walked around and looked at all the pretty butterflies and amazing insects they had in shadow boxes.
Walking back to the boat- Sam showed off his strength!

Tomorrow? Day Six, San Juan!

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