Carnival Glory Cruise- Day Three

Nassau, Bahamas

We docked at 7 am, and were off the boat and ready for some snorkeling. This was our only excursion we planned through Carnival, because our friends Chad and Jess did an AMAZING job planning seperate excursions that were less expensive than doing it through Carnival.
The water was crystal clear and blue blue blue. The skies were as blue as the water, and not a cloud in sight. We couldn’t wait to see some fishes!
Jason, Jess and Sam waiting to get off the catamaran to snorkel!

There were fish everywhere- little blue ones, little yellow ones (I do NOT know the name of them!) The most awesome was finding a Lionfish. If you know anything about fish at all, you know that the lionfish is is one of the most venomous fish on the ocean floor. It was amazing to see one in its natural habitat. We got some close up shots of it.

Lastly, a group shot (minus Sam) enjoying the ride back and of course, the free rum punch!
And my VERY happy hubby. I love this picture… *sigh*

Coming up next, Day Four & Five- “Fun Day at Sea” and St. Thomas!
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