Carnival Glory Cruise- Day One & Two

We just got back from a 7 day cruise on Carnival’s Line- the Glory and we had a BLAST!
I’m going to take my time and write about this, because it was a blast.
We went with a bunch of friends, two of whom got married on St. Thomas (our THIRD port of call) and it made it more fun than we ever could have expected!
On Saturday morning, we all flew down to Ft. Lauderdale, rented a car and drove to Miami.  Along the way we stopped at a restaurant called Versailles Restaurant.
 Delicious authentic Cuban food, it was really good.  Gave us some intolerable burps the rest of the day, but it was worth it, I think.
After Versaille we all went to the hotel and chilled- then decided on Bubba Gump Shrimp for the evening portion of food.  Bubba Gump was about a 20 minute drive from where we were, and was pretty good.  Everyone ordered shrimp (except Jess I believe) and we started the vacation off right by ordering beers and margaritas! After that we all stayed in a hotel before departing on the cruise on Sunday afternoon.
Sunday we woke up and did the morning right by doing bed diving competitions.  I think we had some winners, but you tell me.
Finally, the time rolled around when we needed to get our butts to Miami to board the ship.
A couple hours later- we’re on board and already digging into what turns into a week of food and drinks.

Stay tuned for day #3… Nassau, Bahamas!!
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