Um, right. New computer!

So, Sam and I finally ventured into the land of “this computer sucks, why don’t we buy a new one” after dealing with a painfully slow computer while paying for “uber-fast” FIOS.  Make sense?  I thought not.  I’ve been wanting a brandy spanking new computer for a while now.  And he we finally caved in and bought one.

Here’s what happened. We decided that on Black Friday (no crazy AM shopping for us- we first went hiking THEN ventured into Best Buy) we’d just peruse and see what deals BB still had going on.  We found a flyer for an awesome deal for $400.  We asked one guy- are there any of these left?  He looked at us and smirked.  “We HAD fifteen of them this morning”

Okay.  Try again.

At Sam’s parents house checking out what BJ’s or Costco can do for us.  Yet another great deal in the coupon book- only good through Sunday.  We run to BJ’s to snag one of these computers.  No such luck.  Apparently they sold out on Friday morning too.  (who would have thought?)

Finally, we go home and check online for any other deals.  We find another one on  Good deal… but we cannot buy it online & pick up in the store because my credit card is about to expire.  So we write down ALL the information and take it into BB.  Quick trip into the computer isle, we get everything we need… and then we sit at the register for about 30 minutes because they cannot figure out why it’s not showing the accurate pricing that we saw online.  Finally a manager comes over and says “take 100 bucks off this one, and 70 off this one” and we walk out with our new computer.


So, I’m so excited (of course) I set it up as quickly as I can.  The computer even does a quick transfer of all your old documents over to your new computer (thank goodness!) so I’m looking at our old one vs our new one.  I look at it in disbelief.  Anyone who knows anything about computers… I was in shock.   Our old computer (OLD, refurbished, OLD) had all of 37 GB in its hard drive.  We were using 36 of that.  No wonder is was running so slow.  Our new one has 850 GB.  Hallelujah!

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