Officially "allowed" to decorate

Sam declared this on November 30th. What did I do? I put up our newest little addition, our tiny christmas tree I claimed at an employee sale (THANK YOU RACHEL) for a big Christmas decor company.

I stood it up on our foyer table and left it. He looked quite lonely. When Sam came home he said, okay, lets get the rest up.
I know he’s excited to put lights on the outside of our house, as excited as I am to put decorations up on the inside of our house. We will have to wait to get our tree, as we are going on vacation and cannot leave a tree unwatered for a week. But, I can get some decor started.
The only issue is that I have no where to put things. I have tons of passed down garlands… through the years they have always been situated on top of bookshelves, or pass throughs. But this year, we are lacking in bookshelves upstairs as well as any pass throughs. I DID put one garland on the railings in the foyer so you see it when you walk in. But then you don’t see it anymore until you leave… is that good enough? I am going to have to utilize the secretary in the dining room to display some red plates and my wonderful,gorgeous nativity scene. It’s the one from Willow Tree and we received most of it for our wedding. Each Christmas Sam gives me another part of the set until it’s complete.
Since I love it so much, I usually leave this up all year (thanks Aunt Carol & Uncle Larry) so we’ll have to find an appropriate spot for it!
My take on Christmas decor is pretty much simple. I like Traditional stuff… and simple lighting is good with me. I enjoy ornaments that have meaning and are special to me, while having sugared multi colored lights on our tree has been our favorite. For the house, I’m pretty sure Sam will want to put up multicolored lights. That’s fine, as long as he doesn’t go crazy. I’m not one for big blow up items in the front yard- although my inlaw family is… they can keep em! I DO, however love Pottery Barns new ideas for Christmas, and I’m pretty sure people have come up with these ideas before-
like bells or cranberries in glass jars with a candle? Look how pretty!
And the sparkle of silver pine cones or candlesticks.
So gorgeous! What’s your Christmas Decor style?
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One thought on “Officially "allowed" to decorate

  1. Love your nativity (and the tradition with Sam that goes with it). I'm on the look-out for a nativity myself this year! My mom MADE several sets as gifts one year and even now, years later, I see them at the houses of friends and family. Makes me happy 🙂

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