Ghost of Halloweens Past

Happy Halloween!

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, and ever since Sam has come into my life, we have a LOT more fun on Halloween, picking costumes and showing them off. We ususally “try” to keep it a secret until Halloween. And we try to do something “couple-ish” without being super cheesy. But sometimes, we just have to do what we’re dying to do.

Here’s the past three years for you, some are couples, and some definitely are not!

Halloween 2005-
I was He-Man and Sam was
Mikhail Gorbachev. NOT a couple costume. And I looked better earlier in the evening, I just cannot find a better photo. This was our second foray into Halloween costumes… they’ve gotten better

Halloween 2006
I decided I wanted to go as Cruella DeVille. Sam decided he wanted to go as a Cadillac Deville. Yes, he made that car ON Halloween day. Took him quite a few hours, and it BARELY fit into the car!!

Halloween 2007

Not a couple costume. I wanted to be Betty Rubble, Sam wanted to be Matthew Lesko. AKA- “The GOVERNMENT WANTS TO GIVE YOU MONEY!”

Halloween 2008

Just last year we did another “couple” costume. A couple of my friends and I decided in advance to be Disney Princesses. So we did. Sam didn’t want to be a corny prince. So he decided to be “Prince” or, the Artist formerly known as.
So, seeing our nasty Halloween Habits…
any guesses for this year???
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One thought on “Ghost of Halloweens Past

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    I haven't a clue but I can't wait to see!

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