Mr. Motivation

That is what I am calling Sam as of this weekend. See, since oh, August, we’ve hit a plateau of sorts. Whether it was a lack of time, a lack of energy, or a lack of funds, we hadn’t accomplished much in the house. There were still walls to be painted, ceilings to be painted, trim to be installed… and other items.

On Saturday, it was slightly rainy and overcast. Which meant house work. Sam forced me to get off my rump and go to Home Depot. There we bought the items necessary to begin to finish the upstairs. We bought a new light fixture for the foyer (so long nasty fan) and some trim, and paint for the hallway and foyer… and we tackled the beast on Saturday.
We were getting into such a great groove- I had painted the hallway, Sam had primed the foyer and was starting to cut trim when we hear a loud POP down the street, and our electricity goes out. Yep. At 6 pm. On a Saturday. I continued to paint a little while I could still see, and Sam decided that now was a good time to switch out some of the nasty outlets to nice new ones. So we still got some work done… showered up and then watched a movie at a friends house.
By time we got home, the lights were back on (thank goodness!).
Sunday, I went to an all day craft fair (Colorfest) up in Thurmont with some friends, while Sam stayed home. I had a great time walking around… and when I got home He had finished painting the foyer, the living room and most of the ceilings AND installed the baseboard molding throughout the upstairs. I was so thrilled! I grabbed the vent covers and started painting those to match the walls.
So we had quite a busy weekend, and every time I walk down the hallway I am just thrilled!
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One thought on “Mr. Motivation

  1. stella g. on said:

    i am so impressed with all you get done in a weekend. Jim and i usually just watch a lot of tv. painting and baseboards and fans, oh my! keep up the good work. i'd love to see this beautiful house, someday!

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