Dear Young House Love…

I absolutely adore your blog. You are first on my google reader, and always savored as the last read.
If you’ve never heard of Young House Love, you should check it out. John and Sherry are an adorable Richmond couple who bought their house a couple of years ago and have put their blood sweat and tears into fixing it up. They are a definite part of the inspiration that caused me to blog our adventures in Home Renovations.
Recently, John and Sherry announced that one of their freebies they would be giving away is a $500 gift card to Lowes.
“I want that”
Sam and I could use it OH so well around our house. Unfortunately for us, I was comment number, oh 6,623. So maybe we have a chance? Otherwise, here are the specific improvements I would be using that card for.
Look here… this is our foyer. The only thing that still remains? That dilapidated broken ceiling fan. We JUST realized that the fan had been in the “on” position, but couldn’t rotate because the blade was stuck on the light. *Sigh* Not to mention the fan in the dining room is as old and ugly, and the hallway fixture is a bare bulb. The horror of what I have to live with!!
And here:
We’re so close to being completed, but look, no baseboard moulding through OUT the living room, dining room and hallway! The contractors must have taken it up when ripping out the lovely orange shag carpeting, but we plan on installing crisp white trim anyway… and speaking of trim, we plan on installing crown moulding through the same area!

Oh, to win the freebie. Otherwise, we’ll just chug away at our list on our own!!
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2 thoughts on “Dear Young House Love…

  1. Yeah, I was comment 2,000-something for the gift card as well. I love YHL since you turned me on to it! I want one of their new t-shirts now in the worst way. But that $20 would be better spent on… just about everything right now. 🙂

  2. Centsational Girl on said:

    Hi Mary ! I love John and Shery too – they are fabulous. Did you know you were the winner of the Stella & Dot giveaway ? I didn't see an email from you so come on over and claim your prize. Also, I upgraded my server, and now my feeds aren't reaching your blogroll, so try deleting the blog, and adding it again. Should work then. Congrats on winning the beautiful necklace !Kate

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