Countertop Drama

Rant and Rave, are you ready for it?

When were purchasing the house, it was necessary to remove the base cabinets and flooring in the kitchen because of water damage.
We originally wanted to have some nice Shaker style maple cabinets, natural or honey stain… with a lighter countertop, beige or white, and then paint the walls a blue green color. That all didn’t necessarily pan out the way we thought.
We had to choose from stock cabinets. Not a big deal. They had Maple cabinets, but not in a Shaker style. Okay, that’s fine.
Laminate top. Ugh. They don’t have anything close to what we wanted in stock. But we found one we can live with.
Put it all together, it looks nice.
Bought more cabinets to finish out the kitchen the way we want it… and bought another section of countertop to finish off the added area.
Problem. The new countertop has rounded edges while the other one has square edges. This shouldn’t be a big deal, but of course I had to notice it, and it has to be changed. You would think that they would have square edged countertops in the back at 4′ just like they had the rounded edge right? Of course not, and of course I sent Sam back by himself. Great.
So Sam takes back the countertop in order to just get a square edge one. They don’t have square edge. He’ll have to order it. For triple the price. That’s right. You read correctly.

Does this seem ridiculous to anyone other than me?
We purchased a countertop, 4′ in length, with rounded edges, IN STOCK, for $40.
Now, we have to “special order” a countertop, 4′ in length, with squared edges, for $120.
When Sam got home and told me he special ordered it, I was aghast. Why didn’t he just say, no thanks and walk back out with what he returned? Because I wanted it. At least he did what I asked right? I will give him that!
So, we special ordered this countertop on August 5th. It’s supposed to arrive at our house in two weeks they tell us. Two weeks go by. We call. No sign of countertop, we’ll call you as soon as it comes in. Two more weeks go by. Same deal. Two MORE weeks.
Finally, Sam’s getting mad. Not to mention me.
We finally agree that we’ll go in and complain, get our money back and buy the rounded edge. We walk up to customer service and Sam says, I need to speak to someone about our countertop. What do they tell us? Oh, it’s ready and I’ll have someone go get it.
Talk about frustrating. Absolutely infuriating!
Yes, now we have a countertop that cost us more money than we’d originally thought, and yes, it works just like a counter should.
And yes, We have a letter to write.
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One thought on “Countertop Drama

  1. Struggler on said:

    Oh, how frustrating. And I'm sorry about the huge price difference. But at least, every day you live in your home, you won't be irritated by your countertop. I'd say that's worth it!!

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