Patio Pictures!

Well, its been requested that I get off my lazy bum and take some more pictures. Here we go!
So, the patio was basically just a wasteland of concrete that we didn’t use. Mostly because we had no way to use it.
Thanks to some friends, family and freecycle, I’ve had lunch out there about 3 times now!
Here’s the after pictures… and yes, I plan on painting those loungers! (they were from freecycle too!)

This is just one of the lovely planters that the same lady who gave us the ubrella gave us. Two, on both sides of the patio really make it feel homey…

And here’s another little project I have in mind… stay tuned!
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2 thoughts on “Patio Pictures!

  1. stella g. on said:

    it looks great! i didn't realize you had a pool. fancy!

  2. Yea! When we were first looking at the house and we saw that there was an in ground pool, Sam looked at me and started nodding yes while I simultaniously shook my head no. We see who won out right? It's awesome for Sam who is, quite literally, a fish out of water!

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