I. Love. Freecycle.


I have been continually amazed at the things people give away.  Granted, sometimes its menial little things, or sometimes the strangest things… as Sam noticed in my inbox today, someone was giving away a bottle of vidalia onion dressing.  He scoffed, but I see the value.  Sure, it’s kind of cheesy… but you know someone may very well be thinking, I need to buy some vidalia onion dressing tomorrow.  Why buy when someone will give it to you for FREE!!

Yes, sometimes the items are not exactly what you were hoping for, but sometimes, they are better than you could imagine.

Sam did NOT scoff at freecycle this afternoon.

Sunday afternoon, we’re lounging around the house and I decided to check my email.  I chose to get regular emails from freecycle (you can get one a week, or one every time someone posts something) which yes, can be a bit annoying when you have 25 emails in your inbox regarding a bag of babies clothes someone is giving away… but for days like today, it’s pure gold.  So I digress… I check my email and I see that someone has posted a “Offer” for a deck umbrella.  Well, I need a deck umbrella… I think to myself.  I yell down to Sam about it and he says sure.  I email to see if it’s still available, I’d love it, we’d pick it up today blah blah blah.  Same lady is also giving away planters (with current plants) and I respond to that one too.  She says, sure come and get’em.
A quick ride down the road and we get an awesome cantilevered patio umbrella, two pretty white planters with gorgeous plants in them… and a freebie citronella candle to boot.  Hey, why not?  Now our patio is fully dressed and presentable.

  To date, we’ve gotten a bike rack for our car, planters galore, a mirror (to be refinished), workout equipment, office supplies, patio lounge chairs, etc etc.

Thank you freecycle.

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One thought on “I. Love. Freecycle.

  1. stella g. on said:

    i've actually only used Freecycle to give stuff away. it's great stuff, though. people come over and pick up your crap. it's so great!bonus on the patio stuff. pictures?

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