Early Morning begets clean house?

I woke up early enough this morning to enjoy the first several chapters of a new book I’m reading … the Actor and the Housewife. (it’s quite cute, and of course, Hugh Grant plays the lead character from England) and then by nine I was up and completing my list of cleaning duties.  I mentioned creating a cleaning schedule in an older post you can see here… and I’m embarrassed to say that I have NOT fully created a cleaning schedule.  I really have no schedule or order to my current life.  However, it is only occasionally stressful. (when people decide to come over and visit, or I decide to have people over.  Or I get a burr in my butt)

That’s neither here nor there—

I wanted to tell you that I did complete all of the “to do everyday” items in each of FIVE rooms.  And, of course, it helps that I’ve been making my bed every morning (thanks Mom) and tidying up every night in order to remain stress free.  This does NOT include sweeping or vacuuming the floors (Hey, our vacuum works again… hurrah!) because of the idea of doing it all over again in eight hours after Sam sands the walls again.  Ugh.  Drywall dust.

Otherwise, I have a relatively clean UP-stairs.  The basement, that’s a WHOLE other story.
I’ve actually never posted any pictures of the basement for fear of what people might think.  It has its good basement days and its bad basement days.  Right now, it’s a definite bad basement day.  I’ve been putting stuff down there willy nilly in order to get some sort of semblance of a house with a guest room up here.

We’ve decided that we’ll be putting in two bedrooms downstairs on the left side of the basement, and then the right side of the basement will contain the living room (which may mean I can convert the entire upstairs into a huge kitchen/dining room… but that’s light years away), a laundry area as well as a FULL BATHROOM and a laundry room area.  I’m going to be taking measurements of the basement (as soon as its circum-navigable) and working on that floor plan.  That excites me.  I’m sure it’ll come together one piece at a time, but it’s still exciting isn’t it!  That will make this house a three bedroom two full bath house.

That’s definitely exciting.

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