Bang bang, there she goes.

I ventured into the world of bangs last night.  I really have no clue as to what made me do it.  I’ve been thinking about my hair lately, and I was looking at some pictures of celebrity hairstyles.  Then, I typed “cut your own bangs” into Google.  The last time I recall having bangs, I was maybe ten, and the bangs were a part of an amazing style, called the bowl cut.  I really wish I had a picture to show you…

Anyway, I’ve been petrified of bangs ever since.  Yes, I’ve had the “side swipe” bangs that come with angled hairstyles, and those always drove me nuts.  I’m not kidding.  NUTS.  So I figured, since I looked ridiculous with bangs as a ten year old, and since i hate anything that hangs in my eyes, I would hate bangs.  

I guess I got over that last night when I watched a tutorial video, and then grabbed the scissors.  Sam had no idea what I was doing in the other room.  If he knew, he might have tried to talk me out of it.  I cut my own bangs.  Most people recommend NOT doing this.  I wasn’t worried.  At all.  Like I told my friend Crissy (she warned me against doing it myself) I went slow, I took my time, and I did it right.  Sam took a few minutes, but he likes it.  (since I didn’t know him when I was ten, he’s never seen me with bangs) and most importantly, I like them.

Here’s my attempt at getting a good picture to show you my new look.  What do you think???

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One thought on “Bang bang, there she goes.

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    omg!!! I LOVE the bangs! you look fantastic and I am awe that you did it yourself!!! maybe I should have you fix chase's hair!

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