Messing about in HTML…

For all my efforts, I’m still trying to figure out how to make this blog appear how I want it to. I liked the last layout, however, it wasn’t as easy to post to as this layout. I know I already said this- but I wish I were more fluent in HTML. I have great ideas, I’m just not sure how to implement them. Thankfully, I’ve found some websites that lend a hand… and yet I’m still not following. It must mean I need to actually sit down, and read my blogs HTML, and then read the other ones and see where the changes are. Yikes. Anyway, back to a relatively plain blog. Sorry folks. I’ll have to entertain you with images of our cranky 50 yr old house.

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2 thoughts on “Messing about in HTML…

  1. Valerie on said:

    hey I just saw you on the comments on how about orange….I've done some things to my blog that involved html and some java script… but I still don't understand how they work.But one trick I use is to use ctrl+f or what ever the "find" command is for your browser, and search for the html that I want to change (it helps to find a site that has before and after codes for changes)and also, sometimes a code gets all funny if you try to cut and paste just a part of it, so I will change it to what I want, cut the entire code sequence (usu. stuff from <>) and it seems more likely to work. Sorry that got a little long winded! But I hope it helps šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the tips!

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