Last Day… working weekend?

Well, this here is my last day as a “temporary secretary”.

This past week I’ve been working for a friend while she is out of the office.  It’s been entertaining, mostly I’ve been answering the phone and just doing whatever I want to.  That’s nice to get paid for.  Although, I might have been able to get other things done at the house, but hey, extra money is extra nice.

What’s funny to me is that every weekend I ask Sam, “What would you like to get accomplished this weekend?”  As opposed to me saying “I really want to get so and so done on the house”  because I think it gets him to choose what he wants to do and I can plan a little bit more around it.  But for this coming weekend, I really want to get some more painting done.  Which means Sam needs to get some sanding done.  I believe I can finish the touch ups in the Guest Bedroom.  Of course, I will probably re-arrange the furniture, again.  I can’t seem to find the right layout in that room.  Right now the bed is covering the vent, and I do believe that’s a crime, especially when the air is running. 

I also want to make it kid friendly, as this is where I will be storing our “basket o’ toys” which were so graciously handed down to us, to provide something for our nieces and nephews to do at our kid unfriendly house.  I’m sure I’ll figure it out. 

I think one thing I have decided about the guest room and the office, is that since the giant closet doors are broken for both rooms, a great solution right now is to use the extra long curtains from Ikea to cover the area.  The closets in our house are open to the ceiling, if you’re confused.  Check it out in this post.  So I used a tension rod and hung Uber-long curtains in the office closet (they come in 98″ -118″ lengths, and are hemmable), and I think it works well, at least for now.

Other items on our weekend list?  I believe Sam has a softball game on Saturday night, and I’m hoping a friend of mine stops by on Sunday to see our house.  I went to her NEW house last night, and it’s awesome.  They had a pre-fab house built and then moved to site.  It was pretty darn cute, and a slight bit jealousy inducing… what with their pristine off white walls, and large kitchen, and roomy bedrooms.  Sigh.  That’s okay, I really love my house!

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