P90X, P90X, P90…. X

Sam and I have been doing P90X for a week now, and I must tell you, I am sore to the bone.  I am REALLY happy and all the more encouraged that he’s choosing to start over with me, as we both have gotten quite complacent with our “workout” routines  (When I put workout in quotes, that means pretty much non-existent).
And of course, happy marriage leads to happy pounds right?  Yes.  We’ve both put on weight since the wedding.  Achem, three years ago.  Luckily, I haven’t continued to put more weight on, on TOP of that weight.  But still.

Anyway, so we’ve been doing it for a week.  I have to say, I love it.  Yes, it hurts.  Yes, half of the time I don’t want to do it.  Yes, I am sore.  But, I feel really good afterwards (the adrenaline pumping and being all sweaty… and besides, we usually jump in the pool after) and I know the payoff will be even better.

I keep asking Sam to take before pictures… he says, we took before pictures two years ago.  Yes, yes we did.  And no, I will not post them for fear of embarrasment.  You may not think I look that bad, but I sure do.  Until I have complete (or at least SOME MORE) results, will I post the before and after pictures.  But I am going to try to take a picture at every week… I feel like it would show the progress in ways I wouldn’t see without them?  Eh, who knows.  But I am going to do it, and save those inbetweener photos for my own stash.  At 13 weeks I’ll show you before and afters.  Promise.  I can’t say I’ll show you Sam’s… but hey, maybe we’ll both look amazing.  Who knows!

Other than that… we haven’t made much of a dent on our list of 5,000 things to do around the house.  Sam HAS continued to mud and sand the walls in the spots where they were MUCH needed– the living room, hallway and the newly ripped out closet in the office, as well as certain spots in the guest bedroom.  I’m hoping to prime again later this week, and then maybe use color!  I’m at a loss for the foyer.  I am not looking forward to priming and painting that area.  I asked Sam if we could hire someone just to paint the foyer.  Daunting it is.

We DID change our master bedroom layout AGAIN.  Was talking to my sister in law Rachel about how her bed was over her vent, and it really blocked the airflow of the AC.  I thought to myself, OUR bed is over the vent… that must be why I wake up hot in the mornings.  So, last night Sam and I decided to do a switcheroo.  We put the bed against the far right wall with the window- and the dresser is still on the far left wall.  It feels a lot roomier in there… but maybe it’s just me.  (Don’t worry, I’ll post pictures soon)  The benefits of moving the bed around have yet to be fully seen, as we don’t “really” have the air on.  Well, we have it on, but it’s at 80, so we’re not using too much cold air.  I got a new pretty coverlette and I also have our art that is ready to go up on the walls.  Hooray, our first room to be 99.9% complete!!  It’s not fully complete because we need a rug.  Or something. Maybe Ollies has our something on clearance this week.

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