Cheerful Porch

So, I really hate the colors of our porch. Red, and unpainted wood (lattice that HAD to be installed because of safety codes). We found the table in the shed, and designated it as our porch table. We still didn’t have any seats.

My brother in law’s father in law (didja catch that?) gave us some totally rockin old chairs- the really cute white ones… and I was debating f0r a while what to do with them.
My one favorite idea was to inject SOME sort of color into our exterior. So here’s a sneak peek.


I know, it’s pretty darn bright. We like it, if only for some “funkiness” added to our exterior. What do you think?
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One thought on “Cheerful Porch

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    FRACKING LOVE THOSE CHAIRS! Seriously… they are awesome! I would be proud to sit in them!

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