Cleaning Schedule

So I’ve been trying (and failing) to create a “working” cleaning schedule.  I usually abandon all cleaning until something (or someone) gets a fire going in my head to clean clean clean, and then the whole house is cleaned.  I really want to maintain a cleanly state through our house.  Yes, close to impossible right now, with renovations and drywall dust galore.  But still… I think it helps me with my sanity.
So, of course, I turn to one of my favorite websites; Real Simple.  They usually have an answer for everything.

Low and behold, I found this:
Complete Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedroom Cleaning Checklist
Which, is great… but what about the Kitchen and Bathroom?  Those are always the most used areas… at least in my house!

And then I stumbled upon this:
Complete Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
and this:
Complete Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Ah, Real Simple. I *heart* you.

Now to implement these actions, as well as ADD in other locations in our home, like
Complete Dingy Dark Basement Cleaning Checklist
Complete Office Declutter Checklist.

I could totally work for Real Simple!!

Anyway… I shall go through my checklists. 

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