Shed Attack.

This week, we were coerced into dog sitting for friends of ours.  Because we have a fenced in back yard, and a relatively empty basement… we agreed.  Oh, they also threw in their truck for a week.

Couldn’t turn that one down!

So, we’ve been making a huge dent in our “BIG” hauling projects.  We had left over wood in the “trash area” from ripping down the handicapped ramp and installing the new stairs… tons of wood behind the shed… as well as a pile of random stuff in the shed.

So, Sam took a load to the dump on Monday.  I filled the truck back up today (ripped down more of the dilapidated fencing) and we took another load to the dump when Sam got home.  After that, we proceeded to clean out the shed (finding live and dead mice, a hypodermic needle, and oodles of unnamed chemicals) and ripped down the interior walls (the previous owner had installed to create “dressing rooms” as you’ll notice on the side of the shed in this picture:) to make the shed much more functional, by allowing for somewhere to store the mower, and the tiller, and sam’s tool boxes.

(yes, all that wood in the foreground is gone)
So we plan on eventually ripping out those doors (goodbye nasty changing rooms) and fixing it back to the same, as well as painting to match the house color.  
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2 thoughts on “Shed Attack.

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    Ummm changing rooms in a shed? So scary I don't even want to ask!

  2. Mary on said:

    Changing rooms for the pool, for summer. So you don't have to go inside to change into your suit. Great idea, just not executed very well. They were old and nasty.

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