I lied.

Well, I thought I was going to wait until the kitchen was “officially” finished to show you the pictures… but what’s the fun in that?

Actually, the reason is, we haven’t finished!!  We’re waiting on installing the crown… but first we have to patch some holes that we THOUGHT would be covered (they would have, but we didn’t go with Plan A) and are not.  Anyway, here’s the after, with all the cabinets installed… it’s so nice to have cabinets again!!

Does anyone recall the Kitchen before??  Even though it’s not 100% complete- I am loving it.  Love the color, love the cabinets (we’ve got tons of storage space now!) and am one happy girl.  Now, as for the rest of the house….
This week, on our list is to complete all patching on the walls where the brick was, in the ceiling as well as sanding down the spots in the hallway and where the windows were enlarged in the bedrooms.  
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One thought on “I lied.

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    I can't even believe this is the same house… you guys are working miracles on it!

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