So, I started the workout regime for P90X… and I lost focus. I did it every day for the first two weeks. Week three, I started to slack off a bit, and week four? Did nothing. (Come on, we’ve got renovations going on! Heehee)

But I’m back in full swing- and simply because I know it’s a hard workout- and I know I felt and saw results in the first two weeks (I could actually SEE my tricep…)

Anyway, stumbled across this email in my box this afternoon- and here’s what FITNESS Magazine had to say about it…. How Sheryl Crow Stays Fit: The P90X Workout
It’s really a thirteen DVD set, and a meal plan (I don’t have the meal plan) and the workouts are TOUGH. I’ve never sweat so much during yoga.
Anyway, I want to get back into the swing of it… wish me luck!
Maybe I’ll get to post before and after pictures of myself!!!
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2 thoughts on “P90X

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    Man I wish I lived near you… I need to be doing something. I feel like a blob! I can't wait to see the new Mary!

  2. Danielle and Clint on said:

    I've always wondered if that worked. You'll really have to post the before and afters.

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