One down… 5,392 more to go!

Items on our TO-DO List, that is. And I definitely added some new ones today.

The siding is “officially” finished. UN-officially, we’ve got more siding to do. They left all of the remaining siding for us to do the little bump out on the back of the house (wasn’t in the quote… why? I’m not quite sure). But that’s beans compared to the whole enchilada. So here’s pictures from the finished product.

Actually, the siding goes all the way up the gable. This is a picture from the day before they finished.

Our list is slowly dwindling… that’s not quick enough for me. I pulled out all my black frames today to start “pre-arranging” them for when they can be hung in the hallway. The hallway that still needs to be sanded down (darn glue stripes) and patched (I’m sure there are bad spots) and painted. Arg!

So while Sam and I were enjoying a refreshing swim after a hot day, (Sam’s in the pool)

we pondered other items (which are now on our to do list) and I just mentioned how much I hate the handicapped ramp. It’s unnecessary, AND it’s dangerous. Being so old- it’s just covered in fungus, and slippery when wet. Not a good mixture with a pool. Besides- the ramp and the set of stairs lead you the wrong way- away from the pool. So we decided then and there to bust up the handicap ramp (in our bathing suits) and we got some of the demo out of the way.

Sam, almost done

Not quite finished, but almost there. We HAD to stop and go eat some crabs. =)

That remaining bump will be gone, and in it’s place will be a set of stairs leading down towards the pool.

So things that got added to our ever growing list??
  1. Put siding on the little red bump out
  2. Paint the shutters and hang them
  3. Get new light fixtures for the front door and back slider
  4. Paint the concrete white
  5. Paint the shed
  6. Create stairs right off the porch
  7. Paint the brick
  8. Paint the deck

Ah, the life of a homeowner.

And yet- swimming tonight with Sam, all I could do was smile and say

“This is ours”
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3 thoughts on “One down… 5,392 more to go!

  1. LoveLladro on said:

    It's looking SO amazing! You guys have done such a great job!

  2. Elisa on said:

    I want to come to the pool party!!! That looks absolutely glorious, Mary!

  3. Mary on said:

    Thanks! We're so excited!!

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